Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gluten free Celebrities

As I have mentioned in my previous post that I felt alone being gluten-intolerant as a result, I Googled to see who else is gluten-intolerant too.  

Here are some of the celebrities who is gluten-intolerant or they have chose to go on a gluten-free diet. 

1. Zooey Deschanel

The 500 Days of Summer actress is allergic to wheat and discovered that she had celiac disease. Therefore, when she appears as a judge on an episode of Top Chef Masters, Zooey had asked the culinary gurus to create something delicious which is gluten free. 

“I am the worst person to ever eat with because I have all these stupid food allergies,” she says. “It wasn’t that many things, it was just all the things that are fun to eat — everything that I enjoy, like bread. ‘Awwwww, this is the worst thing!’ It was shitty.” - Zooey Deschanel 

2. Rachel Weisz

The English actress famously known as her character as Evelyn O'Connell in The Mummy has an intolerance to wheat. Since 2006, Rachel has went on a gluten free diet.She said that going on a gluten free diet gives her more energy and also an an overall better state of being.

3. Emmy Rossum 

The actress who played as Christine in The Phantom of The Opera is allergic to wheat. She is often found tweeting about gluten-free goods. 

“I still don’t think it’s cool, I’m allergic to gluten. I have a mild celiac disease, so I don’t think it’s cool. The chefs were definitely terrified.” - Emmy Rossum 

4. Victoria Beckham 

Former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham cut off gluten from her diet. This is because Victoria's body has problems breaking down gluten ans as a result, it causes her to have metabolism issues. Even a tiny consumption of gluten can cause her to gain weight.

5. Jessica Simpson 

The singer's body cannot digests wheat products and gluten causes her stomach to have severe inflammation. Also by avoiding wheat products, it helps her to maintain her body shape. 

6. Miley Cyrus 

"Everyone should try no gluten for a week! The change in your skin, phyisical [sic] and mental health is amazing! U won't go back." - tweeted Miley. 

7. Jessica Alba 

Jessica Alba loves gluten-free baked goods. 
"And I made a killer gluten-free vegan lasagna this weekend... okay, it was half homemade. I didn't make the veggie sausage, vegan cream cheese, vegan mozzarella or gluten-free noodles—but it was still killer! I think I have a new go-to for family dinner..." - Jessica Alba 

8. Gwyneth Paltrow 

Due to medical issues, Gwyneth decided to go gluten free and also dairy free. She was inspired by hew new found energy after going gluten free to write a cook book 'It's All Good.' 

Gwyneth also shares recipes on her website Goop.

So yeah, knowing someone is gluten-intolerant does make me feel less sad.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Dear Readers, 

I know this is off topic but I recently I have been selling some of my old stuffs on Mudah. 

I received a SMS from an unknown number asking me to email 

That person sounds fishy and weird. He/she told me that she is residing in Wales and wants to buy "clothe" for her relatives in Johore.

Clothe? Like seriously. Clothe? 
This is what the scammer wrote to me.

"Hello dear,I re-side in Wales but i'm purchasing this item for my Relative who lives in Malaysia,I would like the item to be sent via EMS express service or FEDEX,kindly get back to me with the total cost to be paid including the shipping cost and I will be making your payment by bank transfer or paypal,thank you and hope we can get to know each other better from here."

Anyway, I googled this email address and found out that it is a scam. I did not proceed any further and deleted the email straight away.

From what I read from Google,

That person will make an order (even without checking whether it is the right item, they just simply make an order) and later on, ask for your bank account number.

The scammer does sound desperate for the items and also fishy. He/she just ordered without making any further inquiry regarding the items. Fishy isn't it?

Many victims have fallen into this scammer's trap and have sent the items without receiving any money. Scammers are everywhere. Lesson learnt, I am glad that I googled this email address before taking any further steps.

We have to be extremely careful to not fall trap into the scammers' game. Also,
Do Not Pick Up An Unknown Number. 

Speaking of that, yesterday an unknown number tried calling me and when I failed to pick up, I received a text asking me to email

Oh well, Be aware and Stay Safe! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gluten what?

Dear Reader, 

I was not aware that my body does not tolerate gluten until late 2014. Back then, I wanted to lose some weight so I decided to take Oat for my dinner. Ironically, my body rejected oats. I felt a huge discomfort on my stomach plus I started feeling dizzy. Also, it makes me feel nauseous and uneasy for few hours and in the end, I vomited. I felt a huge relief and normal after I vomited. 

During that time, I was not aware that I could not tolerate gluten and I thought it was just my body behaving strangely at that time. It did not occurred to me that oat was the culprit. 

The very next day, I ate oat again. And again, I went through that horror which ended up with me throwing up the oat. It was then I started feeling strange and confused as I was perfectly fine the whole day up until I consumed oat. 

Then I started doing some research and come across articles on Gluten Intolerant. Based on the contents, I analysed and matched the symptoms stated to the symptoms which I suffered. It matched! 

Then it hits me that, there is a huge possibility that I am gluten intolerant. I tried going on a diet a couple of times, by just eating whole meal bread for lunch and dinner but to my dismay, losing weight is the last thing that happened to me. 

Also, I have been complaining to my friends that I always suffered from constipation despite taking many fruits and vegetables. 

That time I wasn't sure if I was really gluten intolerant. So then I started going on a gluten-free diet for a week. Lo and behold, in that one week, I felt big changes in my life. 

  1. I no longer felt tired or sleepy easily. 
  2. I no longer suffered from constipation. 
  3. I do not have indigestion. 
  4. My mood improve and I was less lightly to be irritated. 

It then occurred to me that my body could not digest gluten hence, the indigestion. The indigestion caused my mood to swing as a result I behave like a bipolar bitch. Also, my digestive system was working so hard to digest the gluten but it just couldn't. That is why I felt extremely tired. 

Well, my lifestyle does improve and and my digestive is happy after I go on a gluten-free diet but unfortunately, my mind wasn't. I was feeling very unhappy when I know that I could not consume bread on a daily basis. Bread/pastry is my favorite food. I can go days without rice but not bread. 

I don't know if it was the gluten which turns me so dramatic or what but I literally cried when I set my mind to go gluten-free. 


I was so unhappy that I am gluten intolerant and silly me, I have a little moment of self-pity (which I shouldn't have) and felt so alone in this world. It is like everyone is so happy with their significant other: Burgers whereas I am alone without a burger. Dramatic much?

It wasn't easy going gluten-free. I tried my very best to resist the temptation to eat all of my favorite food. I tried but sometimes I failed. One day, I went to a buffet and could not resist the eat-all-you-want cakes. I gave in to temptation and consumed them. When I went home, I felt a huge pain in my stomach, to the extent that I need to squat down while holding my tummy. 
That was then I made up my mind to ban any hint of gluten in my food. I went on a gluten-free diet starting from late 2014 until today. 

I was very strict at first, probably did not consume any gluten product for months and then slowly once in a blue moon I consumed a little bit of gluten, like a piece of cake or burger but just for one meal. 

I am glad that I no longer suffered from any stomachache after consuming gluten and my body can kinda tolerate gluten better than last time but not entirely. Today, I still go on a strict gluten-free diet but occasionally I do treat myself to gluten. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Grinch

Dear Reader, 

Many was surprised by my drastic weight lost. Being gluten intolerant is a major contribute the weight lost. I guess that is more of a blessing than a curse. 

I went on a gluten-free diet for almost a year and I can honestly see the huge changes it does to my body. 

A person who is a gluten intolerant will experience many types of symptoms. The symptom varies according to each individuals. 

For me, I suffer:

1. Bloating which last for days. 
2. Fatigue. 
3. Cranky/ Irritability
4. Mood Swing. 
5. Indigestion.
6. Constipation for 3 days. 

Last time, I even suffered from stomachache immediately after I have taken a piece of cake

The symptoms last me for days and I could say those few days makes me become an angry-irritated-anti social-easily annoyed-moody person. Of course the pain was suffering and the effect after eating gluten is unpleasant. But it is so hard to resist cake. :( 

Damn. I myself do not like the gluten-consumed me. I became the Grinch. 

I started going on a gluten-free diet, and I can say I feel better because I do not bloat easily, my digestive system is better, it makes me a cheerful person and also I do not get annoyed easily. And I do not get tired easily. 

That's all for a short introduction. I will be posting more to raise more awareness regarding gluten-intolerant. Cheers. x